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  • IQF Flounder Filets 20/4oz
    $49.95 IQF Flounder Filets 20/4oz
    Indvidually quick frozen to guarantee a fresh and tasty treat. Cooking Directions. Thawed: Conventional oven about 8 minutes at 350 degrees.

  • Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes - 12 ct - 6 oz
    $119.00 Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes - 12 ct - 6 oz

  • King Crab Legs 8 ct
    $139.95 King Crab Legs 8 ct
    The best and sweetest Alaskan King Crab Legs you have ever tasted. We use only select crabs, harvested during the peak of the season, and then individually quick frozen. Extremely meaty! Preparation - King Crab Legs Rinse...

  • Large P & D Uncooked Shrimp 18 serv
    $79.95 Large P & D Uncooked Shrimp 18 serv
    The finest Black Tiger shrimp you can get. Shrimp is completely clean, peeled and de-veined with the tail on. Black Tiger shrimp are well known for their exceptional flavor and beautiful appearance. These frozen, but...

  • Lobster Tails - 10 - 8oz
    $159.95 Lobster Tails - 10 - 8oz
    The finest Rock Lobster tail in the world! Very meaty, sweet and delicious. Flash frozen for freshness. How to Broil: 1. In the whole shell: Thaw tails. Hold the shell in the palm of one hand and insert the point of kitchen...

  • Mahi Mahi 8 - 6oz
    $69.95 Mahi Mahi 8 - 6oz
    Mahi-Mahi is a Hawaiian word that means "strong-strong" for dolphin fish. This species is found in tropical and subtropical waters throughout the world. It is an exceptionally versatile fish, having firm, white meat and...

  • $109.95 Maine Lobster Cakes - 10ct
    Thaw first. Top with butter. Broil 12 minutes. 100% cold water Maine lobster meat.

  • Maine Lobster Tails - 8ct - 6oz
    $119.95 Maine Lobster Tails - 8ct - 6oz